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We believe in developing and improving the skills of our participants in a safe and enjoyable manner.
Even the big dogs
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Illinois Conceal Carry classes
    Safety classes,
       Training classes,
           Combat matches,
               Outlaw 3 gun matches,
                    and more
This winter, Action Shooting Sports is taking our events and training expertise to the next level.

Action Shooting Sports is proud to announce it’s relationship with one of the largest & most sophisticated shooting facilities in Illinois

GTR Sporting Club located in Waukegan Illinois.
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Action Shooting Sports
Taking events and training expertise to the next level
GTR Sporting Club is a 38,000 square foot facility which incorporates technology that “exceeds the norm” typically found at other ranges.

    Three separate alleys totaling 22 lanes, 75 feet in length
    Wheelchair accessible shooting lanes
    Modern class rooms
    Programmable LED range lighting
    New/used firearm, ammunition & accessory sales
    Food court - internet café
    VIP lounge and much, much more
GTR Sporting Club is the new home base of Action Shooting Sports

If you are haven’t heard
Action Shooting Sports
will be conducting

Illinois Conceal Carry Classes

Action Shooting Sports CCW classes will be held at

GTR Sporting Club.

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